03/06/2020 Press Release – Wildflower Verge Trial

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:         The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
DATE:          1st June 2020
SUBJECT:    Wildflower Verge Trial

Just before the lockdown the Shaftesbury Town Council Grounds team had prepared four sites across the town for the sowing of wildflower seeds.

Several weeks later the team are pleased to have sown the seeds in the following trial areas; Christy’s Lane/ Linden Park junction, strip on the Royal Chase roundabout – South West position, A30 Salisbury Road verge and New Road by the underpass. A different variety of seeds has been sown in each of the locations.

Signage is in each of the trial areas informing the public that the seeds have been sown. We look forward to keeping the public up to date as the trial progresses and learning from the residents their preference of flower type once the growing season is underway next spring.


For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email: enquiries@shaftesbury-tc.gov.uk