Cattle Market Consultation 2018

The Cattle Market site has been marketed by North Dorset District Council and a commercial transaction is underway. We want to gather the views from our community and we encourage you to share your views.

The prime purpose of the consultation is to provide information to inform the planning process where details such as design, landscape, access, conditions will be applied. This is because the road that has been set out by North Dorset is to achieve a sale to a leading supermarket.

Alternative outcomes may, with an outside possibility, be achieved and the information gathered will help inform alternatives if they arise.

Shaftesbury Cattle Market, A30 Employment Land and Bell Street Supermarket.
These assets in key locations are of great strategic value to our current and emerging community.
The Cattle Market sale is the catalyst to considering these pivotal sites with a vision for a sustainable and vibrant community future.

Please have your say by filling in the questionnaire below.

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Thank you for your views in relation to Shaftesbury’s key assets and their value to our current and emerging community.

The online survey will remain open until midday on 18th June

A report arising from the analysis of the data will be published for consideration by the Town Council’s General Management Committee on 26th June.

The General Management Committee will consider whether an outline action plan is required as a result of the analysis and report


Information arising from this consultation and the town meeting will be provided to Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan, Dorset County Council, North Dorset District Council. No personal data is being captured