Coronavirus – Statement by Shaftesbury Town Council

Date: 18 March 2020


Coronavirus – Statement by Shaftesbury Town Council

In line with the Government advice the following decisions have been made. Please note this may be subsequent to change and is based on information available as of today.

Council staff:

The team are reviewing their individual workload and reprioritising tasks to offer the following additional services:

  • The staff will provide a daily brief following government advice via poster (outside the Town Hall), website and social media updates – an enhanced communication role
  • The staff will signpost services that the community will find useful (coordination role)
  • The staff will provide reassurance to our community that will offer support where we can (support role)
  • Support the community groups to reach out to those vulnerable people in our community (support role)


Council services:

  • We have taken the difficult decision to close the public toilets due to the lack of availability of toilet roll. Normal service will resumed when the supplies are back in the supply chain. We have informed the Mitre, Grosvenor and Ship Inn that their facilities may be more in demand.
  • The WI Thursday market is going ahead however there will be no non-food items available to buy (plants and books etc…)
  • The Thursday Street Market is going ahead. We have not heard from traders so the expectation is that if they have stock then they will want to sell it. Our Services Manager will be reviewing the set-up on Thursday morning to ensure that the traders are following the government guidelines in terms of managing their customers.
  • Council meetings are suspended until further notice. We are awaiting Government guidance on being able to conduct council business remotely via an online meeting facility.


We will endeavour to keep you as up to date as we can over the forthcoming days.