General Management Committee (GEM)

The General Management Committee is committee to advise the Council on its corporate policies, strategies and level of resources and to ensure that the financial status of the Council is maintained within agreed budgets having due regard to both revenue and capital expenditure. It holds authority for the financial planning of the Town Council and monitors performance of the Council’s Committees and services. It gives careful consideration to present and future tax payers.


GEM Terms of Reference


Meetings of the General Management Committee (GEM) take place in the Council Chamber, The Town Hall, Shaftesbury, commencing at 7 pm unless otherwise stated.


2020 – 2021 Agendas and Minutes

Click on ‘Agenda’ or ‘Minutes’ to download the documents relating to that meeting.

Please note that the minutes will be approved at the the next consecutive meeting.


30th June 2020

Agenda | Minutes


21st July 2020

Agenda | Minutes


15th September 2020

Agenda | Minutes(Budget Presentation Slides)


20th October 2020

Agenda | Minutes


24th November 2020

Agenda | Minutes


26th January 2021

Agenda | Minutes


23rd February 2021

Agenda | Minutes


30th March 2021

Agenda | Draft Minutes | Video




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Click here for Westminster Memorial Hospital Working Group Minutes and Agendas
At the meeting of Full Council on 6th December 2016 it was RESOLVED that a working group be established through the General Management Committee to include representatives of all interested parties. This working group to report to the General Management Committee.