Karen Tippins

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Shaftesbury Open Spaces Group
Maltings Residents Association

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Shaftesbury East Councillor

I have lived in Shaftesbury for since 2012, I am married and have 2 grandsons, who we look after during some of the school holidays.  I previously served on the Town Council for 3 years from 2014-2017 and I personally helped deliver numerous projects including the banning use of Glyphosate weed killer in Shaftesbury (bee-friendly);  running the swimming pool finances for the first year;  East of Shaftesbury toddlers play area in East Green/Green Acre; Multi User Games Area (MUGA) in Barton Hill; Outdoor Gym at Barton Hill; upgrading Ash Close play area.   I have been an active campaigner against the over-development of building that has been imposed on Shaftesbury.   I believe that this Town is and continues to experience a high level of housing development with no infrastructure improvements.  I think this is a scandal that needs addressing.  I am a strong public speaker and can and will put forward robust arguments to Dorset Council regarding these key issues.

I am a member of the Shaftesbury Open Spaces Group, because I have strong beliefs surrounding Carbon Foot Print reduction.   I am also the administrator for the Maltings Residents Association, East of Shaftesbury and have supported the committee in the 2 year campaign for road adoption and assisting in the securing increased facilities for the estate.

I have a BSc honours degree in Biochemistry and a MSc in Computer Studies and I also have a number of Professional Project/Programme Management Qualifications.  I am now retired, however, prior to retirement, my working career spanned more than 30 years and has taken me from a trainee programmer to a director of project managers for the implementation of large technical projects (some global) for both Public and Private industries.  I would like to offer my working career skills and knowledge previously gained being a Town Councillor to benefit the Shaftesbury community and also add diversification to the present council.


c/o Shaftesbury Town Council, The Town Hall, Shaftesbury SP7 8LY


c/o the Town Hall 01747 852420

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