Latest Press Release from Shaftesbury Town Council – High Street Pedestrianisation Update

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:         The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
DATE:          17th September 2020
SUBJECT:    Temporary Pedestrianisation of Shaftesbury High Street Update

Pedestrianisation of Shaftesbury High Street continues under a temporary arrangement. Introduction of bus services heading East (down the High Street) will commence on Monday 21st September 2020.

The stakeholder group has continued to meet weekly to review the temporary pedestrianisation and adjust where necessary. The group is comprised of Town and Dorset Council, Chamber of Commerce, public transport representatives and Economic Development and Highway officers.

Pedestrianisation measures were put in to provide safety measures to allow people to return to the High Street whilst still observing social distancing. These requirements are still in place and the narrow pavements in parts of Shaftesbury’s High Street show that the pedestrianisation is still required.

Business are reporting queues outside their premises in the narrow section of the High Street which would make distancing difficult if the road were fully open to traffic. The stakeholder group has acknowledged that some vehicular access is still required and deliveries to the High Street premises are allowed through in a one-way direction at 5mph.

In response to feedback that there was a need for buses to access the High Street, the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is being amended and buses will be able to travel Eastbound down the high street from Monday 21st September. All other restrictions and temporary measures remain in place.


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