Latest Press Release – The Wilderness – Public Consultation

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:                 The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
ISSUED:              21st November 2018

The Wilderness

Shaftesbury Town Council is considering buying The Wilderness, an area of approximately 8.3 acres of grass and woodland, to secure it for green space and protect its valuable diverse ecology.

At a meeting of the Recreation, Open Spaces and Environment Committee on 20th November members voted to seek the views of the town and recommend the purchase of the land if the opinion continued to be as strong as was represented by the public attending the meeting.

The Town Council has enough funds in its general reserves that the purchase does not need to impact on the residents’ council tax.

People have until midday on Tuesday 27th November to make their views known on the Town Council’s poll which will then inform councillors when debating the subject at a meeting to be held at 7pm that evening.

Have your say at Alternatively, pop into the Town Hall or contact officers by email or phone 01747 852420



For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email: