Latest Press Statement – Cattle Market

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:         The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
DATE:          Tuesday, 14th August 2018

Cattle Market

The Town Poll, called by those attending a Parish Meeting of 10th July 2018, was held on Thursday 9th August 2018. The question asked was: “Do you want Shaftesbury Town Council to fund and support a Judicial Review of the sale by North Dorset District Council of the Cattle Market Site” The results were;

Eligible Electorate: 6,407

Ballot Papers Issued: 1,004

Yes: 623

No: 380

Spoilt ballot paper: 1

The Turnout was 15.67%

The percentage of eligible voters voting yes was 9.72%

The percentage of eligible voters voting no was 5.93%

The percentage of eligible voters who did not vote was 84.33%

The Council held an Extraordinary Council meeting on 10th August 2018 to consider the outcome of the vote.

It was confirmed that the Judicial Review had already been submitted by Justice for Shaftesbury prior to the date of the poll. Shaftesbury Town Council had been cited in that document as second defendant.

The Council considered;

  • The question of the Parish Poll,
  • the outcome of the votes of the poll
  • legal advice against funding a legal action to which it was also a defendant.

The Council resolved “That the Town Council will not support and/or fund the Judicial Review already submitted by Justice for Shaftesbury to which Shaftesbury Town Council is second defendant.”

The Town Council has now engaged solicitors in respect of this claim.




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