Neighbourhood Plan (SNPAC)

Following the public meeting on 19th January and subsequent surgeries 22 members of the Shaftesbury Community registered their interest to support the Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee.

On 6th February the Council supported the recommendation to appoint 12 members of the Community to the main Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee. A further 9 members of the community will be joining the periphery group who will be called on to support with community related projects that will be identified throughout the project.

We are delighted to welcome the following members to the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee;

Keri Jones, Lee Hennessy, Mick Hicks, Rachel Bodle, Robin Miller, Stuart Edwards, Tim Edwyn-Jones and Virginia Edwyn-Jones

The following members of the community who will be supporting the project via the periphery group:

Elaine Barratt, Janet Swiss, Mrs Jan Bickley, Pam Goodall, Phoebe Bacon, Rodney Compass-Rose, Steve Clinch, Sue Minshaw and William Sherriff

Shaftesbury’s Mayor, Councillor John Lewer will be supporting the group as the Lead Councillor however will not hold a voting role on the Advisory Committee as the Neighbourhood Plan will be entirely led by the Community via the members of the Advisory Committee

For more information please contact Brie Logan, Business Manager at Shaftesbury Town Council on 01747 859342 or at

Meetings of the Council take place in the Council Chamber, The Town Hall, Shaftesbury commencing at 7 pm, unless otherwise stated.

Minutes & Agendas from Formal Meetings

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Minutes and Agendas from informal Meetings

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