Online Council Meetings

Shaftesbury Town Council has held its inaugural online Council meeting using new powers provided by government.

Anyone will have the ability to attend meetings from the comfort of their own home either though an internet browser, a downloaded application or dialling in by phone.

In considering the appropriate way to manage the meetings, the Mayor, Councillor Tim Cook said “it is important that wherever possible, barriers to the public being able to attend are removed or at least minimised. We have started using the Zoom platform but will also keep an eye on the marketplace to make sure that we are always delivering the best that we can for the community”.

 Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons said “The Council’s Standing Orders require that any recording or notes of a meeting must be destroyed when the minutes are adopted. The minutes, once signed, become the legal record of the decisions taken by the Council”. As such, the video link will remain available only until the minutes are adopted at the next meeting at which point the link will be disabled, and the video taken down.

To view the meeting as it takes place, follow the link in the agenda posted on the Council’s website. To view the meeting after it has happened, visit A link will also be placed on the meetings page of the Council’s website then select the relevant meeting.