Press Release: Cattle Market public meeting update

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY

Press Release

FROM:                 The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
ISSUED:              12th June 2018

Cattle Market public meeting update

Yesterday (11th June 2018) Shaftesbury Town Council held a public engagement drop in session and Town Meeting regarding the imminent sale by North Dorset District Council of the Cattle Market site at Christy’s Lane.

Early responses from the drop in and online survey as well as consensus from the Town Meeting indicated that the town is keen to see the asset maximised for the benefit of Shaftesbury.

One of the questions asked was whether there was support to spend tax payers money seeking legal and professional advice to help achieve this and early indications from the survey and the overwhelming response from the Town Meeting said yes.

Concern raised at the meeting was that the sale was progressed without consultation with Shaftesbury residents or stakeholders and that proceeds from the sale would not be guaranteed to stay within or benefit Shaftesbury.

The Council had already resolved to allocate up to £10,000 for legal and professional advice on this matter, delegating the detail to the Clerk in consultation with Councillors Taylor, Cook and Lewer. Following the early indications from yesterday, the councillors have met with the clerk on 12th June 2018 and are preparing the appropriate questions and instructions.

The survey will remain on the town council’s website until midday on Monday 18th June (if you do not have access online, please pop into the Town Hall). Data will be analysed during the week of 18th and a report will be considered by the General Management Committee on Tuesday 26th June. A further town meeting will be called following receipt of legal and professional advice.


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