Press Statement – 20th July 2018

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY

FROM:         The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
DATE:          12th July 2018
SUBJECT:    PRESS STATEMENT Week ending 13th July 2018

Officers jointly compile press statements in consultation with members of the town council’s media sub-committee. Weekly content includes responses to enquiries received from its media partners.

The Town Council held a Planning and Highways Committee Meeting on 17th July 2018, The following decisions were made:

  • To submit observations on planning applications, please see for the draft minutes detailing each application.
  • To respond to the Local Government Boundary Commission Consultation that the East and West wards should be retained to maintain democratic accountability with each elector having a single councillor relevant to their ward.
  • To make an application for a change in legislation that the 5 year land supply should be determined by the houses built rather than the planning applications granted. This will provide greater local influence on the planning process and provide some protection for land not designated for development.


The Mayor’s Message for August expresses thanks to the fire service for addressing two significant fires recently and admiration for the supportive and caring community which came together in those times, talks about affordable housing at Chilmark Glade, presents a grant cheque to the Dorset Blind Association, reviews the success of Gold Hill Fair and the Fringe and draws attention to Shaftesbury’s ambition to become Dementia Friendly. See the full article at


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