Play areas, Outdoor Gyms and Skate park

Following the Government announcement that play areas could now be opened, the Town Council has carried out a thorough inspection of all its equipped play areas and they are now safe and ready for use.  You may notice some areas with equipment gaps, this has been done to enable appropriate distance to be maintained between you as you play.

Signs have been placed in all areas identifying how many people should be in a play area at any time, asking that you observe social distancing rules and that you wash your hands thoroughly when you get back home.

Sadly, within 24 hours of these signs being put in place, they have been removed. These are placed for your protection, to remind you of your responsibilities and to help us to keep you safe. Please leave signs in place and behave responsibly using the following guidelines;



For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email: