Press Statement – Pop Up Gallery Success – 06/09/2018


Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY

FROM:         Zoe Moxham, Office Administrator
DATE:          6th September 2018
SUBJECT:    Pop Up Gallery Success in Shaftesbury

Young artists raised funds for the Mayors Charity last month selling their unique artwork in a previously empty shop on Shaftesbury High Street. Phillip Rhys Olney and Morganne Cannon-Langford, two 19-year-old art students took the initiative and reached out to Shaftesbury Town Council to support their endeavour to get their work in the public domain. With help from local landlords John and William Gaunt and member of Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Heywood, they manged to set up shop for 9 days free of charge in what was formally the Fork and Flowers shop.

They had the following to say to Shaftesbury Town Council;

“Once again, we’re completely indebted to you – and are both still buzzing that the week was able to go ahead – what a great thing for us, for Shaftesbury, and for the Town Council.

Over the course of the 9 days in which we were open, around 150 people interacted with the shop, with the majority of these interactions leading to sustained interest (taking a flyer, having an in-depth discussion about the work, etc). This interest seemed to come from the shop’s curb appeal initially – with visitors walking straight off the street. However, towards the end of the week, a greater proportion of our guests had seemed to have travelled, quoting in particular the podcast ‘This Is Alfred’ for the impetus behind their visit. In general, feedback from visitors was positive. Almost every visitor commented on the intuition of the scheme (using old retail lots for pop-up spaces) and usually mentioned that it would be something they would like to see more of in Shaftesbury. In terms of our artistic reception, the general public noted that the venture allowed something significantly different (not watercolours, nor pencil drawings), to feature on the

High Street. We managed to sell a modest selection of print work, making a £50 profit which we will donate to the Mayor’s Charity, Young Enterprise. In addition to this success, we managed to network with local artists and creatives, which has put us in a good position for the future of our own careers – and the future of fresh artistic expression in Shaftesbury. Given the opportunity, and what we have achieved and learnt over the last couple of weeks – I know that we would both be keen to participate or share our experiences in a similar venture.”

Shaftesbury Town Council is proud to be in a position to work collaboratively with many local people and organisations which enables projects like this pop up gallery to happen.

We wish Morganne and Phillip the best of luck in their creative journey going forward!


For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email: