Press Statement – Shaftesbury Community Support Group launches Food Aid Support Service

Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY


FROM:         Business Manager/ Facilitator of the Shaftesbury Support Group –      Brie Logan
DATE:          2020 04 21
SUBJECT:   Shaftesbury Community Support Group launches Food Aid Support Service

The Shaftesbury Support Group has welcomed over 100 new volunteers and teams are in place to reach out to support those people who need a helping hand during the crisis. Over 450 calls have been received over the past four weeks and our volunteers are working hard to deliver medication and shopping to those who need us to help them.

Recently the group has been awarded a grant of £3,000 by the Dorset Community Foundation. This money will enable an exciting new project to start at the end of this month. The group is proud to launch the Food Aid Support Service in partnership with Fathers House, Open House, Shaftesbury Town Council, Civic Society and the Blackmore Vale Partnership all working together to support one another in our community during this unprecedented time.

The Open House volunteer team already run a drop-in service, offering emergency aid, benefits & housing advice, each Tuesday between 10am – 12noon. The Shaftesbury Support Group is delighted to announce that the Shaftesbury Food Aid Support Service will operate every Thursday from 10 – 12 from Fathers House. This additional service will support those members of our community who have lost their income throughout this crisis and those who are in need of food supplies in the short term. To qualify for this service and find out more information please ring our central support number 01747 852420.

The Shaftesbury Support Group has teamed up with Philippa Davis, a Shaftesbury based international private chef and food writer. Philippa has produced a number of inspirational and healthy eating menu cards as part of the Food Aid Support Service. Each food parcel will contain the dry ingredients to make all the delicious weekly recipes and a voucher for the fresh food will form part of the support package. The voucher can be exchanged for meat and dairy at Prime Cuts and fresh produce at Abbots.

The Food Aid Support Service will launch on Thursday 30th April from 10 until 12.