Press Statement – Yoga on Park walk


Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY

FROM:         Brie Logan – Business Manager
DATE:          Thursday 9th August 2018
SUBJECT:    Yoga on Park Walk

Get your Yoga on in Shaftesbury…for Free!

Local resident, Kirsty Elliot is an experienced yoga instructor and has been passionate about Yoga for 8 years.


Following a hugely popular free yoga session that Kirsty organised during the Shaftesbury Fringe Weekend, she decided that it would be great to continue to hold free sessions during the summer months. Kirsty is keen to help people increase their fitness levels and provide an opportunity to create a positive mindset, she would also like to see her free yoga sessions bring more people into the town.

Saturday 4th of August saw the first free session held in the Rose Garden along Park Walk, she said “Wow, Saturday was amazing, 65 people turned up and the feedback was fantastic! Everyone found the yoga very accessible, I had people who had not moved in the right way for years, bendy fit people, experienced yogis and everyone enjoyed together and created a lovely peaceful atmosphere.

Really have the feeling this is the start of something very exciting in Shaftesbury!”

Upcoming sessions are being run on the following dates, Saturday 11th and 25th of August and 1st September to be held at the same place at 10:30 – 11:15 AM.

Shaftesbury Town Council are proud to have supported this great initiative, as it fits in with the Council’s aspirations to provide best value, high quality services and facilities, ensuring that Shaftesbury is a 21st Century Town that respects its heritage and upholds its values making it a great place to live, work, play and visit.



For further information contact Shaftesbury Town Council, Tel: 01747 852420 or email: