Recreation, Open Spaces and Environment (ROSE)

The Recreation, Open Spaces and Environment Committee is committed to the sensitive and careful management, maintenance and improvement of the town’s open spaces, recreation and amenity areas and seeks to conserve the environmental heritage entrusted to the people of Shaftesbury for the benefit of future generations. It gives careful consideration to the strategic plans for the town’s recreation, environment and amenities and is mindful of and will discharge its role with due consideration to operate within its budget and be financially accountable.


ROSE Terms of Reference


Meetings of the Recreation, Open Spaces and Environment Committee (ROSE) will take place in the Council Chamber, the Town Hall, Shaftesbury, commencing at 7pm unless otherwise stated.


Chair: George Hall

Vice Chair: Tim Cook

Members: George Hall, Jeanne Loader, Piers Brown, John Lewer, Philip Proctor, Tim Cook

2020 – 2021 Agendas and Minutes

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Please note that the minutes will be approved at the the next consecutive meeting.

11th June 2020

Agenda | Minutes 


23rd June 2020

Agenda | Minutes 


20th July 2020

Agenda | Minutes


8th September 2020

Agenda | Minutes


13th October 2020

Agenda | Minutes


17th November 2020

Agenda | Minutes


16th February 2021

Agenda | Minutes


23rd March 2021

Agenda | Draft Minutes | Video