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Resources for dementia-friendly organisations
Make your organisation more dementia-friendly with these helpful resources, including sector-specific information


General Advice for creating Dementia Friendly Environments


For businesses and retail

Dementia-friendly business guide

Dementia-friendly retail guide

Dementia-friendly garden centre guide


 For housing, utilities and technology

Dementia-friendly utilities guide

Dementia-friendly housing charter

Dementia-friendly technology information sheets


For arts, entertainments, sport and leisure

Dementia-friendly arts guide

Dementia-friendly screenings: a guide for cinemas

Dementia-friendly heritage guide

Dementia-friendly media and broadcast guide

Dementia-friendly sport and physical activity guide


For financial services, legal and insurance

Dementia-friendly financial services

Dementia-friendly legal services and solicitors


For public services, health, social care and emergency services

Dementia-friendly emergency services


For rural and faith

Dementia-friendly rural guide

Dementia-friendly faith information