Shaftesbury 3G proposal – have your say!

The home of Shaftesbury Football Club, Cockrams Stadium, is an excellent facility, but severely limited by its key feature, the grass pitch. With a 3G pitch the stadium has the potential to move from being the home of two teams to being the hub of youth and community football in the town and the local area. With the investment the facility created will be ten times more useable, with 20 times more uses per week. The Club will be much more sustainable in the future and able to support the development and enjoyment of football in the town at all levels now and for future generations to enjoy. In order for Shaftesbury Town Council to commit to the funding it is important to gather the view of the Shaftesbury community.

In the survey we ask the Shaftesbury community whether they support the plans to install a 3G (third generation) all weather pitch at Shaftesbury Football Club. To find out more information and to view the 3G business case then please click here: 3G Business case

We appreciate people are busy so as well as the full version of the survey there is now a quick response version available which will take less than a minute to complete. This feedback will be used to support the application for borrowing the funds to deliver the 3G facility.



If you’ve only got a minute fill in the the quick response survey here:


Shaftesbury 3G proposal – have your say – Quick Response Survey

If you have a little more time, this will take around 5 minutes to complete:

Shaftesbury 3G proposal – have your say – Full Survey

Thank you for your feedback!