Shaftesbury Scrub Hub

Shaftesbury Town Council has launched the Shaftesbury Scrub Hub.

This is an exciting opportunity to bring together the community support for Shaftesbury’s Health and Social Care workers to meet some of the needs of the local hospital, care home and Blackmore Vale Partnership.

Shaftesbury School have volunteered their textiles suite for school staff to use and many teachers and members of the community from Shaftesbury and beyond have already been in touch to volunteer their sewing skills.

Nicola Williams, a teacher at Shaftesbury School said “it is a wonderful opportunity to really meet the needs of our own community health care team, I’ve already had teachers talk to me about how to get involved”.

The Scrub Hub was initiative grew following a meeting of the Town Council resolved to provide up to £20,000 for the supply of PPE equipment. A working group then liaised directly with the town’s Health and Social Care workers to understand exactly what the need was, and the response was unequivocally Scrubs, laundry bags and gowns. Town Clerk, Claire Commons said “The initial expectation of the Council was that there was a need for masks and test kits, but this is no longer the case and I am delighted that we can be flexible in our response and co-ordinate the community sewing effort”.

The group is also conscious of the environmental impact. Any new material needed for sewing will be 100% cotton and where possible sourced locally. In addition, many of the laundry bags and gowns will be able to be sewn from recycled sheets and other suitable fabrics.

If you would like to volunteer your sewing skills to this effort, you can register or visit our dedicated Facebook group .