Shaftesbury Town Council declares a Climate Emergency and supports the town becoming a Plastic Free community

It is widely accepted that Co2 levels are unsustainable and causing widespread damage locally and globally. In addition the UK is estimated to generate around 5 million tonnes of plastic waste every year of which around 70% is single use plastic. The Town Council recognises its own actions should minimise this impact and work with the community to create a positive change.
Plastic Free Communities is an initiative by the charity Surfers Against Sewage to encourage local communities across the UK to reduce the prevalence of single use plastics across the country. If the town were to be awarded Plastic Free Community status, it would not only demonstrate our commitment to environmentally sound policies but would be a valuable addition to the marketing of the town as a location to visit or live in for the growing number of people who are sensitive to environmental needs.

These two proposals were put forward to a meeting of the Council on 23rd July and a working group is being created to draw up a plan for action by the end of October 2019.
Councillor Chase, the proposer of both motions said

“This is a great start, but while any council can make statements, we now need to take action. As such we would welcome input, particularly from those with expertise in either plastic alternatives or other forms of environmentally friendly activities to help us turn these words into actions”.


The Mayor of Shaftesbury, who supported both motions, added

“Dorset Council declared Climate emergency at its first meeting in May and is now working on producing its plan. I believe our community needs make our contribution to preserve the planet for future generations”.


If you would like more details or get involved please contact the Town Council on or