Shaftesbury Town Council gives over £35,000 to support 32 local causes

Shaftesbury Town Council has awarded over £26,000 of Community Grants to 32 community organisations benefiting Shaftesbury and is providing an additional 19 organisations with support in kind at a value of £7,000.

Councillors reviewed the applications in detail at a workshop last week and made recommendations to the Council on 18th June. Applications were assessed for their fit with the Council’s Strategic Plan, the number of people they reached or specialist areas or groups that they serve. Applicants needed to demonstrate what type of organisation they were, how long they had been operating and what other funding they were seeking to support their application. Previous applicants were welcomed and their previous grant awards taken into consideration.

The Town Council considers the provision of Community Grants an important service to the town. There are many organisations providing a volunteer or subsidised service of great value to the community which helps support Shaftesbury vibrancy and diversity. Without this support many organisations would struggle to continue and Shaftesbury residents would loose out as a result.
Councillor Hollingshead led the workshop reviewing the applications in detail. He said “We are so fortunate to live in a community filled with enthusiastic, dedicated and creative people who do so much to enrich this town and, as a Council, we are delighted to be able to support them with these grants”

In addition to providing grants, the Town Council has agreed to free use of Council premises to support other organisations, saving them nearly £7000. The Council will also be considering adding cameras to its existing CCTV system in lieu of financial support for a camera at Swans Yard.

The awarded grants were;
1st Shaftesbury Scout Group – Purchase of tea urn and catering tea pots – £190.00
Friends of the Donkey Field Community Orchard – Annual Public Liability Insurance – £87.50
Home Start North Dorset – Cost of training a local volunteer – £1,500.00
Kipling Carnival Club – To help subsidise cost of public liability Insurance – £400.00
North Dorset Club Visually Impaired – Contribution to summer outing – £300.00
North Dorset Rugby Club – Machinery and storage building – £1,000.00
Open House – Cost towards running Open House, providing support and aid in the community to those facing poverty. – £1,000.00
Read Easy Gillingham and Shaftesbury – Contribution towards running costs e.g. Affiliation fee, training, reading resources, travel, publicity and photocopying – £660.00
Rolt Millennium Green Trust – Annual Public Liability Insurance – £200.00
Shaftesbury & District Carers Association – Running costs towards HOPE2Bake, HOPE2Grow and HOPE2Cycle – £1,000.00
Shaftesbury Arts Centre – Purchase of a lift giving access to all floors – £5,000.00
Shaftesbury Bowling Club – CCTV security system – £500.00
Shaftesbury Car Link – Training for new drivers, self guarding, First Aid, MVP etc – £800.00
Shaftesbury Carnival – Replacement of road closure and diversion signs – £500.00
Shaftesbury Cricket Club – Complete surfacing of car park area – £750.00
Shaftesbury District Guides – To complete the inside of the new hall – £1,000.00
Shaftesbury Football Club – Heavy duty grass roller, under 18’s kit & training equipment and alterations to changing rooms – £500.00
Shaftesbury Fringe – Production of Fringe programme – £3,000.00
Shaftesbury Municipal Almshouse Charity – Contribution to phase 2 of modernising Chubbs Houses, converting from 20 bedsits into 23 one bedroom flats – £1,000.00
Shaftesbury Primary School PTA – Contribution towards annual firework display – £500.00
Shaftesbury Rotary – Support for providing music in the Abbey grounds during Gold Hill Fair – £500.00
Shaftesbury TIC – Contribution toward utility bills – £1,000.00
Shaftesbury Town Silver Band – Ongoing replacement of instruments, uniforms and music – £500.00
Shaftesbury Town Twinning – Purchase of Gazebo, PR leaflets and fliers, cost of visit by Brionne to Shaftesbury, transport and arrangements to visit Lindlar – £1,000.00
Shaftesbury Tree Group – Cost towards producing a new Tree Walk Leaflet – £260.00
Shaftesbury Youth Club & Little Giants – Wheelchair swing and sports equipment for hall – £950.00
Steps in Time – Coach travel whilst attending Europe’s’ largest folk festival in Frankenberg, plus free use of the Guild Hall in September – £500.00
The League of Friends of Westminster Hospital – Funding towards a wheelchair accessible electric vehicle for the Community Rehabilitation Team – £1,948.60

Total £26,546.10