What We Do

Council Responsibilites

As a Town Council we are offering an expanding range of services to Shaftesbury. Other authorities also provide services to the town. These are North Dorset District Council and Dorset County Council. Although each Council is an independent body providing separate services we work together to ensure that all the services provide what the people of Shaftesbury want.  See a list of the County and District Council’s responsibilities on the Local Info Page.

The main services provided by the Town Council are as follows:-

  • Parks, Open Spaces and Play Areas
  • Recreation and Recreational Facilities
  • Planning matters (acting as a consultee on planning applications to the planning authority)
  • Grants to Voluntary Organisations
  • Allotments
  • Provision of Cemetery
  • Litter and Litter Receptacles
  • The Town Hall
  • Bus Shelters
  • Public Conveniences (Bell Street)
  • Street Markets
  • Civic events promoted by the Town Mayor
  • Crime Prevention Initiatives
  • War memorial

What is Dorset Council Responsible for?

All services
Bins, recycling and litter
Births, deaths and marriages
Business, consumers and licences
Care and support for adults
Children and families
Climate and Ecological Emergency
Council Tax
Councillors, committees and elections
Countryside, coast and parks
Education and training
Emergencies and severe weather
Environmental Health
Jobs and careers
Libraries, history and culture
Planning, buildings and land
Roads, highways and maintenance
Sport and leisure
Travel information
Visit Dorset
Your community
Your council

To apply for a bus pass please visit the Dorset Council Website using the following link.




Shaftesbury Market
Amenity Land
Civil Ceremonies and Weddings
The Town Hall
Swimming Pool