Wild about Shaftesbury – Ecology Project 

Wild about Shaftesbury – ecology project

On Tuesday 29th the budget including projects was presented to councillors at the annual  public budget meeting. The meeting started with a representative of the Shaftesbury Abbey school receiving £1000 for the Peace Garden project. The project will provide a place of reflection and remembering. A team of ‘Green Giants’ made up of members of each class elected by their peers to champion ecology and environmental issues, children who need a safe haven who use ‘flight’ as a way of dealing with problems to have a safe place to run to and members of staff and PTFA.

Congratulations was also given to the two other applicants;
Nature Cadets – the project will create a series of holiday-time workshops aimed at children aged 3 – 8 years old, to encourage children to engage with their natural environment.

A Plan for Shaftesbury to Increase Secure Nesting Sites for Swifts – Acknowledging the historic swift colony of Shaftesbury and seeking to stabilise and increase swift numbers by ensuring the town and surrounding villages have dedicated and secure nest sites.

The Wild about Shaftesbury ecology project was the conceptual idea presented by Councillor Andy Perkins to council and adopted earlier this year. Please see photo of Andy presenting Kate from the PTA of Shaftesbury school with a certificate  and cheque towards the project.