ENMORE GREEN NEWS – Spring 2020 – Community Spirit


St. John’s, your Church on the Hill

Spring 2020


This is a very different sort of newsletter because we are all now in very different times.  I can’t produce the normal issue because we have no access to the printing and can’t get round to delivering by hand all 300 copies.  Our hope is that by putting this on the Shaftesbury website and our own Team website, we can get some of our news circulated.  What we would ask is that if any of your neighbours do not have computer access, you could print a copy for them.

Having St. John’s closed is a great sadness to us but like everyone else, we have to follow the rules. While we are unable to meet together for worship or to socialise, it is important that we keep in touch with one another, especially now as we are urged to stay in our homes.

Rev Helen Dawes live-streams a service on Sunday mornings at 10am, which you can reach via www.facebook.com/ShaftesburyCofE.org    There are also suggestions for prayer, reflections and general information on the website.

If, when taking your walks around Enmore Green you notice anything amiss with the church or the hall, please let Elizabeth Preston know.

Several people have offered help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, posting letters etc for people in Enmore Green. From the church:

Elizabeth Preston (churchwarden) and  David Preston offer the above and are always willing to have a chat – 850654  lizziepreston1@gmail.com

Jo Churchill (that’s me – your editor) 850432  Always up for a chat

From the Friends of St John

Andrew and Rosemary Newton                    853503

David and Elaine Wynn Mackenzie               854051*

Roger Booth                                                   854595*        

* Also offer dog walking.

These people are all known to us in St John’s and to many of you.

It is important to be sure that those who offer help are genuine, and, especially if you live alone, that you don’t accept help from “cold callers,” whether in person or on the phone. Report anything suspicious to the police on 101 or, if urgent 999.

Our Town Council also has a list of people who can offer help in different ways.
Contact: Zoe Moxham     852420 or Brie Logan – 859342

Other useful contacts:

Rev Kirsty Clarke       855353           kirsty@ShaftesburyCofE.org

Team Office                853060           office@ShaftesburyCofE.org

Team web site  www.ShaftesburyCofE.org

www.thisisalfred.com    for local news podcasts

Abbots are closed but  will take orders for fruit and veg for collection or delivery, but demand is high. 853424  www.shaftesburygrocer.co.uk

Jean’s Papershop – is open and sells milk and some groceries

Fair Trade

Glad to report that Arthur is still able to supply Fair Trade goods. The format is as follows:

Ring your order through to Arthur on 853182.   Your order will then be placed at the front of the passageway to No.10 Bimport for your Collection.  There will be a box there for payment.  Please let Arthur know your approximate arrival time.  This system is working well.

For those who are unable to go out or self-isolating, Arthur is willing to deliver local orders on his bike providing there is a drop off point for the goods and a pick up point for the money.

Christening  and Marriage ceremonies have been postponed for the time being.  Sadly there are restrictions also for funerals.  For help and advice concerning this please contact the Team Office 853060, Reverend Kirsty Clarke 855353 or Elizabeth Preston – 850654.

And we are now approaching the season of Easter.  It seems odd not to be producing our Easter Card, not planning our Reflective Service in St. John’s, No Good Friday Service and no Easter Day Service.

However, we live in hope and our wish to everyone is our belief that we will meet again in joy.

Please stay in touch with us and keep yourselves safe.

Jo Churchill   01747 850432  Jo.churchill@enmoregreen.co.uk