Press Release – Cattle Market


Town Hall, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8LY

FROM:         The Town Clerk, Mrs Claire Commons
DATE:          Friday, 20 April 2018

Shaftesbury Town Council attended the North Dorset District Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting on 18th April to hear debate relating to the disposal of surplus land at the Cattle Market.

Shaftesbury Town Council put forward the following:

  • It is key that the Cattle Market site, irrespective of defined use, joins up with the Town Centre and the Council would want to see clear links in terms of thoroughfare.
  • It is of vital importance that if retail is identified, that it complements the offer in the town and does not compete.
  • Residents are currently travelling to Gillingham for leisure / gym / health facilities so any commercial partner willing to consider this option would be favourable.
  • Developing this site is an opportunity to improve the aesthetics in this area as the position is central to the gateway to the town and needs to be welcoming in line with our aspirations to drive the visitor experience which features heavily on the strategic plan.
  • Parking has been identified as a key consideration following a recent engagement exercise. The District Council was asked to consider keeping the existing parking terms and conditions in force until the works to develop the land commences and if possible negotiate continued terms under the new use.

The expectation is that a recommendation is made to Cabinet which is meeting on Monday 23rd April 2018.



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