Shaftesbury Scrub Hub’s First Deliveries

2 weeks after launching the Shaftesbury Scrub Hub, it has made its first deliveries of sewn items. 20 gowns, each in their own cotton laundry bag have gone to the Blackmore Vale Partnership in Shaftesbury and 40 laundry bags to Shaftesbury School for teachers carrying out their role with children of key workers.

Shaftesbury Scrub Hub delivers 20 gowns and laundry bags to the Blackmore Vale Partnership

Shaftesbury Scrub Hub delivers 40 laundry bags to Shaftesbury School

The hub has 41 registered sewers and more further afield who are sewing through their sewing circles and groups. We have taken delivery of 8 tonnes of high quality cotton and polycotton donated by coast to coast linen services and a further 230m  of Navy twill, 105m of Light Blue twill and 2 rolls of interfacing have been bought to make scrubs where specific colours are required.




Another 150 laundry bags have been sewn and will be used to ‘gift wrap’ the gowns and scrubs as they are dispatched. Each item includes a personalised card and message from the sewer.

Bundles of scrubs have also been sewn and will be sent to the Westminster Memorial Hospital and Cedars Castle Hill on Monday 11th May.

The Shaftesbury Scrub Hub is operating from the Town Hall on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays between 11am and 1pm. There is a dedicated cutting table, two sewing stations (which must be pre-booked) and patterns and fabrics available to take away. If you would like to volunteer your sewing skills to this effort, you can register or visit our dedicated Facebook group . The Shaftesbury Scrub Hub has a dedicated email address to process requests for items and volunteer enquiries.