The Town Council own and manage a cemetery in Mampitts Lane, known as the Mampitts Cemetery. For any queries relating to the cemetery please contact the Town Hall, High St, Shaftesbury or telephone 01747 852420.


  • Exclusive Right of Burial 99 years (Purchase of Grave)   £145.00
  • Exclusive Right of Burial 99 years (Purchase of Cremation Plot)   £78.50
  • Internment   £102.50
  • Internment of Ashes   £66.50
  • Internment 0-5yrs   No Charge
  • Internment 5yrs-12yrs   £42.00


Approval of Monument


  • Flat Stone over a Grave   £99.00
  • Headstone/Footstone   £102.50
  • Monument (9x5x4)ft   £332.75
  • Tablet   £80.00
  • Fixed Vase   £20.00
  • Added Inscription to existing Memorial   £25.00


Non Residents – will be charged two and half times the above rate.


Helpful Documents:

Notice of Internment (word)
Notice of Internment (pdf)



Memorial Application Form (word)
Memorial Application Form (pdf)


Cemetery regulations